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The designer, Eszter Áron was born in 1981, in Budapest, Hungary, into a textile dynasty with generations of tailors. From a very young age on, Eszter was exposed to a creative and artistic environment, since she started traveling with her mother to textile, fashion, and art fairs around Europe. These impulses and impressions along with her mother’s impeccable style have influenced her aesthetic evolution. Until today, her love for clean sharp lines with focus on fabric quality and exquisite craftsmanship is still the core characteristic and inspiration of her work.

When Eszter decided to choose her profession, she not only enrolled as a fashion design major at KREA Contemporary Art School in Budapest, but also decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration. She simply wanted to become a more well-rounded fashion designer to understand all aspects and angles of the fashion world. After she graduated with a double degree she started designing for the biggest and most popular brand in Hungary. Many of them received international praise and positive feedbacks, but after ten years of experience she wanted to take the next challenge and create her own brand where she can combine her extended knowledge of fashion and business together.

In 2012 ÁERON was finally born after Eszter got together with friends as investors to create a brand that symbolizes her vision of designing.

ÁERON’s design is characterized by the unique combination of superb quality, innovative craftsmanship, and effortless elegance. Every collection focuses on reinventing traditional tailoring technics while only using the finest materials such as a distinctive Japanese vegan suede that has become a signature fabric of ÁERON. The difficult balance of creating one artful package, where work and play harmonizes together, forms the minimal yet feminine sensuality of a decade-defining ÁERON look. ÁERON encompasses a rich variety of high-waist tailored pants, asymmetrical coats, oversize sweaters, and minimalistic dresses.