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ADER = Aesthetic Drawing + er (People).
ERROR = something negative such as a failure, mistake. Everyone can’t be a perfect and there is nothing perfect. Reinterpreting ‘error’ as an expression of Imperfection.

BUT NEAR MISSED THINGS = Ader Error reinterpret things which people would be able to miss easily and make complex things simple. As everyone knows, inspiration comes from what we see and experience. That is to say everything around us like food, funiture, art, people and all cultures.

ADER is a brand based on fashion and simplicity which expresses contemporary sensibility and different minimalism. ADER was made on December, 2014 by a community who gathered from diverse field to make contents with fun. Focusing on making these things simple and different to show people something differently interesting. Beyond ‘fashion’, influencing positively the whole lifestyle of people.