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Fifteen years of female entrepreneurship with a conscious mind. Cornelia Webb gained International recognition early on for her innovative take on costume jewellery. Cornelia looks at jewellery not only as a design piece, or design expression, but as a way to highlight the landscape of our bodies.

Playing with the definition of skin versus metal, organically raw versus polished, masculine versus feminine. In today’s tech-obsessed times, semi-precious stones tap into a primal need to re-connect us with nature. Juggling these polarities, pairing futuristic elements with prehistoric energy, Cornelia creates jewellery that seamlessly blends with the wearer.

Cornelia Webb emphasizes on craftsmanship, timelessness and environmental consciousness. The founder chooses to reinvent her design rather than constantly produce new collections, meaning striping back, transforming and perfecting existing creations. Cornelia is working organically with nature, not against it, giving back to planet earth for the inspiration and raw material we are borrowing. Incorporating the essence of the material with her designs, that combined with technology means offering unique contemporary pieces made with authenticity and respectfulness to both the craft and raw material used, carving out a new definition of luxury.

In an ambition to create zero waste, Cornelia Webb includes recycled metals, works cross industries with Swedish stonemasonries using leftover material, works with bio-resin and ECO friendly jewellery boxes.